This small network includes the machines outined below.



Calzone is the main webserver.
iDot RS-2908H case, CrystalFontz LCD display, Intel i5-4570 3.2 GHz Mini-ITX motherboard, 8 GB RAM, 2x120 GB SSD RAID1 disks, BlueOnyx Linux distribution



TimeLord is an NTP Time Server.
Vortex Communications Timelord-net NTP time server.

The webserver hosts several websites including HF-Spectrum.net providing a live display of the radio signals received below 30MHz. Connection to the internet is via VDSL (fibre to the cabinet). It serves as the location for a number of web and email based utilities, and as a plaything for the WebMaster (Keith Lambell Keith Lambell).

Some of the tools that I use and support

The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation that supports
Linus Torvalds and many others.
Join the Linux Foundation

W3C Validator

The web page validator

HTML5 Validator

CSS3 Validator


JS Lint language checker


Online PHP Manual

Recommended books

USB Complete

USB Complete "The Developer's Guide" (5th Edition) by Jan Axelson
Usable, detailed information and examples. Fifth edition includes USB 3.1

JavaScript: The Good Parts

"JavaScript: The Good Parts" by Douglas Crockford, published by O'Reilly
Clear and compact. Learn object oriented JavaScript and the best syntax.

PHP In A Nutshell

"PHP In A Nutshell" by Paul Hudson, published by O'Reilly
A great introduction to a great server side script language.